Field trial data that inspired our latest campaign

You may have recently read the 3-part series in SpudSmart telling of how Strike soil fumigant is fast becoming the potato industry’s worst-kept secret (links to those articles). The campaign idea came from a call with our sales team. Our account manager Jason brought up how his growers may not be eager to provide testimonials. We assumed it was related to the outdated perceptions of soil fumigants sterilizing the soil. However, the rationale for their reluctance was not that. Jason explained they each had a similar sentiment: “The farmer says he doesn’t want other growers to know the secret of his competitive advantage. However, I know he can’t help himself. I know he’s telling his neighbors about what he can’t believe is happening in his fields.” Lightbulb moment for our campaign… WHAT IS QUICKLY BECOMING THE WORST KEPT SECRET? STRIKE SOIL FUMIGANT.

Since we are steeped in R&D, we could not launch a campaign that did not have data to back it up. We immediately asked Jason for trial data. The data below is from one of Jason’s trials.

Key Takeaway: In a 2022 Potato Trial, one grower earned a Net ROI of $615 per acre more over the untreated check when using 8g Strike 80. 

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