Potato Seed

Soil fumigation can completely change the economics for a potato seed farm. Seed potatoes are susceptible to many common soil-borne diseases and pathogens that can inhibit tuber growth uniformity and chip away at marketable harvest yields.

Potato Set Increase

Compounding Benefit of Tuber Set on Potato Seed Production (acres)

Potato seed (seed tubers) volume is increased by clonal propagation in the field.

Yield Data is based on two years of Caribou Production Data in Maine (yield and tuber set).

This chart details two treatments: Non-Treated and Strike 85 Treated
After greenhouse grow-out you have enough seed to plant in 1 acre of Non-Treated and 1 acre of Strike 85 Treated.

G1: At the end of the first year or production, the grower ended up with 12 acres of seed compared to 15 acres worth of seed (Treated = 3 additional acres worth of seeds).

Take that seed, G2: at the end of the second season, the grower harvested 134 acres of seed compared to 219 acres of seed (You are starting to see the exponential effect, like compounding at a bank).

Take that seed, G3: at the end of the third year, the grower harvested 1,555 acres worth of seed compared to 3,246 acres worth of seed.

Potato Set Increase

Compounding Impact of Seed Set on Crop and Sales

Overlaying the cost of production.

Assuming it costs $3,100 per acre to grow the Non-Treated seed and $3,500 per acre to grow the Treated seed – the cost is more because you are maintaining more acres because you have more seed.

Assuming a seed sell price of $25CWT, the grower nets $13,405,989 ROI on the Strike 85 Treated over the Non-Treated.

Benefits of Soil Fumigation:


Extensive, healthy root system.


Larger tuber set.


Improved early season plant growth and uniformity.


Better utilization of nutrients.


More efficient water use.


Higher marketable yields.

Common Potato Diseases and Pathogens:

  • Verticillium Wilt (Early Die Complex)
  • Common Scab
  • Black Dot (Collototricum spp.)
  • Fusarium
  • Pythium
  • Phytophthora
  • Rhizoctonia spp.
  • Lesion Nematode
Potatoes with Common Scab
Strike Treated vs Untreated