Application Innovation

With every application, we bring more than 50 years of application technology experience to your farm.

Today’s tractors are larger and more powerful than ever. Even the most basic models are equipped with technology that was never dreamed of in the early 60’s when we began this work. Our development team realized that partnering with these advancements was key to the progression of our fumigation equipment.


The Spudnik Hiller + Bed Freshener

We have a kit that turns the Spudnik Hiller into a fumigation rig, allowing growers to use their $25,000 hiller in two seasons instead of just the one. We also have a spring bed freshener to cover any concerns of the soil being too hard. It freshens the bed without disturbing the fumigated soil. (However, come spring, most realize they don’t end up needing it.) We can quickly and easily pair our equipment with your equipment to provide a safe, effective application.

The FlexFume

We saw the need for a machine that could keep pace with the ever-changing scale of new technology. We spent countless hours researching and fine-tuning best practices for the application of our products in a variety of crops. The design needed to be flexible enough to perform in a variety of soil types and adjust to any metric or standard row center. The goal: a one pass system that placed our products 12 inches deep into seed bed ready conditions followed by a compaction device. Three models and four years later we finally hit all of the marks with the FlexFume.

The FlexFume has become one of the most adaptable pieces of fumigation equipment on the market today. It utilizes an independent row unit system. This allows the FlexFume to adapt to the conditions in each row without affecting the others. This design also lends itself to expansion and is not limited to a set row spacing or quantity.

The FlexFume has been successfully adopted in many markets throughout the world and is quickly becoming the standard for in-row non-tarped soil fumigation.

Contact your sales representative for more information on the FlexFume and its full line of options.


Strike’s Closed Application System:

Strike is safely shipped in practically indestructible containers. We hook it up to the rig, pressurize the system, and then Strike is injected underground in the soil. It is broken down within days into nitrate nitrogen, carbon dioxide and chlorine which all can be utilized as “food” by the plants growing in the soil. There is no uptake by the plant roots or residue on the plants.