Farming is a practice that alters native biodiversity. Repeatedly planting a single plant species selects weeds, insects, fungi, and soil microbes. Soil borne disease – fungal and bacterial – further reduces soil microbe diversity. These soil microbial changes can push the soil into a less productive condition.

Farmers have a name for their less productive land – they say the soil is “tired”.

Over 50 years of use have proven Strike’s active ingredient – Chloropicrin – suppresses soil borne disease. New studies have confirmed that Chloropicrin acts as a selective agent, allowing beneficial microorganisms to flourish post application.

Explore a new way of farming – growing a healthy crop with less disease and improved soil health.


Every grower has a different need. Every grower has a different disease pressure. The prescribed treatment is specified to each scenario. We come in, take samples, and run soil tests. The first step in managing plant diseases is identifying the cause and severity of such problems.


No current practice in potato production provides more benefits than the Strike system. The results are in the field.
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