Pre-plant soil fumigation treatment with Strike is the first step in a successful soil health and pest management system. Reduced soil borne disease and increased beneficial soil micro populations following Strike soil treatment leads to a healthy soil environment. Experience a full circle of benefits to help you Strike back.

  • Improved Quality

    Disease decreases crop quality. Strike improves crop health and marketable yield. This allows the grower to capture more sales and profits or the flexibility to farm less acres for the same profit.

    Strike suppresses: Verticillium | Common Scab
 | Rhizoctonia | Collototricum | Fusarium | Pythium | Phytophthora | Lesion Nematodes

  • Shorter Rotation

    Growers often rotate crops to improve the physical characteristics of the soil and/or to suppress soil borne diseases. Strike soil treatment suppresses soil borne diseases better than standard practices which can lead to reduced rotation length and farming your better ground more often.

  • Reduced Inputs

    Start cleaning out nematodes and other soil borne diseases and you have healthier plants resisting disease and reducing topical pesticide use. Soils treated with Strike promote healthier plants with stronger root systems that are better at mining nutrients.

  • Soil Health

    The soil benefits of treatment with Strike are two-fold:
    It immediately knocks back soil borne disease giving plants their best start. Suppressed disease allows the native species to rebound in the soil. Trials with major universities have demonstrated an increase of beneficial organisms in soil that has been treated with Strike. Learn more.