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Soil fumigants to manage soil borne pests and pathogens.

Soil fumigants to manage soil borne pests and pathogens.

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Promotes native beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Supports growth of a healthy root system.

Improves water and nutrient-use efficiency.

Results in thriving plants with less crop stress.

Increases marketable crop yields.

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Strike formulations are Chloropicrin-based products and some of the most effective soil fumigants to manage soil borne pests and pathogens in potatoes and other crops. Pre-plant soil fumigation treatment is the first step in a successful soil health and pest management system. Strike can be applied alone or in combination with other fumigants via shank injections. The Strike product line helps you grow a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable crop year after year.

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No matter what you’re growing, the health of the soil in which you’re planting your crops has one of the most influential impacts on the quality of the crop you harvest.

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