Announcing our new AgHub for Functional Sustainability

Our aim is to help growers reach both their financial and regenerative agriculture goals.

We believe soil health is the key to reach these goals and functional sustainability is the path.

For decades, we have been able to make the case that soil fumigation with chloropicrin – the active ingredient in Strike fumigants – suppresses soil borne disease. We have been able to demonstrate how soil fumigation improves quality and yield. With our new soil health findings, we are discovering that Strike is unlike other agricultural chemicals. Utilizing new technology, we are finding that not only does chloropicrin NOT sterilize the soil, but it also:

  • Promotes the growth of plant beneficial soil organisms
  • Reboots saprophytic microbial activity in the soil
  • Over time, can build the physical, chemical, and biological components of the soil
  • Develops healthy soils

Healthy soils lead to healthier plants that produce higher quality harvests, allowing growers to capture more sales and profits or the flexibility to farm less acres for the same profit.

Ground-breaking information and new studies like this can be found at our new AgHub, where growers can find tools and resources for functional sustainability.

Whether you are focused on crop quality and yield or ways to improve soil health, we are working to provide the tools and resources you need to reach your sustainability goals.

Screen Capture from the AgHub