See You at Potato Expo

Potato Expo – North America’s biggest potato meeting of the year – is coming up Jan, 4 to 5 in Aurora, Colo. Are you booked to be there?

The first Potato Expo I attended with the TriCal Group was in Orlando, Fla. in 2012. It was just me and two other guys manning a tiny booth way back in a corner. I’ll admit it was stressful. We had a fairly new-to-producers product and, let’s be honest, back then fumigants didn’t have a very good reputation. We had to step out of our booth to pull passers-by in for conversations. I’m a quiet guy to start with, so I didn’t enjoy that salesy focus.

What a lot has changed since then, thank goodness!

This year, you’ll find us in a big, open booth front and center on the tradeshow floor. Much more importantly, Potato Expo will feel like a meeting of colleagues and old friends. Now that our Chloropicrin-based Strike soil fumigants have been proven in potato fields for over a decade, farmers seek out information and advice from our booth.

Maybe the biggest change is in the industry itself. Now that prescriptive farming, sustainability and regenerative agriculture are increasingly mainstream, Potato Expo is a gathering of many, many folks who believe in the same things we do: promoting soil health through good stewardship and product innovation.

On the fence about attending? You won’t regret making the time. Potato Expo is an incredible opportunity to talk to experts of all kinds about what could work for your unique and specific operation: how products and innovations apply, not just in general, but within individual farm systems.

In fact, solution finding is my favorite part of my role at Potato Expo and, more broadly, of my job in general. I see myself as a partner and a resource for innovative farmers looking to reach financial and regenerative agriculture goals. My aim is to build long-term relationships that help grow their farms.

Farmers get bombarded practically daily with somebody from some company trying to sell them something. I’ve worked with the TriCal Group since 2009 and the longer I’ve been here, the more I’ve learned that every positive gain in this business is built through trust. We could have the best product in the world, but it’ll never sell without trust earned through relationships. Potato Expo isn’t a stop on our promotion highway; we’re there to help farmers build real success this year, next year and into the future.  Stop by and say “Hi”!

Hope to see you there!

Strike Fumigants will be in booth 1123.

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