Tackle Verticillium Wilt and Take Back Control.

Farmers have a lot on their minds: pests, frost, heat, commodity prices, too much rain, drought, labor, regulations and even more. To succeed at farming, a thousand things have to go right. Farming is stressful on its own. Add in supply chain issues and you are left with tough decisions regarding the best way to move forward for the success of your farming operation. Potato growers who are concerned about verticillium wilt are staring down the possibility of not having the products that have traditionally been used to manage the early die complex. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Strike is a heat seeking missile against verticillium in the soil. It is a tried and true soil fumigant that can help you maintain yield and quantity. Strike is excellent at reducing verticillium pressure in potato production. It has been used for decades in many crops to reduce vert pressure, such as strawberries and tomatoes.

Verticillium wilt pressure robs profit from your farming operation by limiting yield and tuber quality. If not suppressed, you can find yourself farming to break even. With suppression, you regain the portion of yield that brings you profit. Strike, through suppression of verticillium, can improve marketable yields by extending season length and tuber bulking potential.

Strike is a true soil fumigant moving through the soil as a gas. While it requires adequate moisture for efficacy and safety, most farmers find the water requirements to be minimal and manageable for fall application. Water is not needed to move Strike through the soil profile. It can be applied at cool soil temperatures well into the fall. Strike is injected relatively deep and treats the soil where the daughter tubers and roots grow. Growers are using Strike as an alternative to traditional products because of the verticillium suppression they see in the field.

Strike also helps manage common scab, Rhizoctonia, and black dot. And, repeated use leads to better yields and healthier soils – with Strike you have the potential over several Strike applications to reduce verticillium to the point where you may not need to treat. If pesticides are used to manage disease pressure, wouldn’t it be better to choose a product that reduces disease load offering the opportunity to not treat as frequently? Strike provides a more sustainable way to farm as it reduces active ingredient load per acre compared to traditional products, leaves no residues in the soil, and provides a path off the soil treatment treadmill.

Strike is available now for application. Applications are prescription based. Follow the link below to find a TriCal Group representative who would be happy to walk your farm and talk to you about the option that is best for your field. You can’t afford not to use Strike.

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