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Potato School 2021
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  • Overview Of Soil Borne Diseases In Potatoes, With A Focus On The Detrimental Effect Of Verticillium
    Presented by Dr. Gary Secor, North Dakota State University Professor Plant Pathology Department
  • Report On Soil Health Findings From Strike Application Trial
    Presented by Dr. Ken Frost, Oregon State University Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist
  • Strike As A Key To Sustainable Production System In Potatoes
    Presented by Dr. Chad Hutchinson, TriCal Group Global, Director Potato Research & Market Support
  • Telone™, Practical Uses & Benefits in Potato Production
  • Telone’s Benefits – A Grower’s Perspective
  • Agronomy Case Study
    Presented by Phillipe Parent, Director of Quality Assurance and Agronomy at Patates Dolbec Grower Showcase
  • How to get Strike in the Ground: Equipment, Soil Preparation, And Nuts & Bolts Of Soil Fumigation Logistics
    Presented by Jonathan Vink, Sales and Service at Douglas Agricultural Services Inc., Jonathan Spence, TriEst Ag Group Equipment Development

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