STRIKE™ products are proven safe on select crops when used according to the current GAP policies and procedures. Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using STRIKE™ Products. The labels will contain important information regarding safe use and handling of all STRIKE™ products.



Strike products are metabolized in the soil into beneficial nutrients which are then metabolized by the plants promoting healthy growth. Currently in the world there is much pressure on resources which demands more efficient farming practices. The logical choice is to maximize the utility agriculture products while reducing societal impact. Fumigation with Strike products requires minor changes in cultural practice while providing maximum benefits to the growers for production efficiency. Strike applied with attention to product stewardship breaks down in the soil eliminating detrimental pathogens and allows the soil to provide the healthiest environment promoting unsurpassed healthy root and plant growth.


Does not have a significant ecological footprint. In fact, independent analysis determined that STRIKE™ has a negative carbon footprint.

Does not deplete the ozone layer

Does not leave residues in plant tissue or harvested produce and vegetables.

Does not kill beneficial soil fungi and bacteria such as Trichoderma which help to improve soil structure, tillage and water penetration

Is a lachrymator (inducing transient, mild, and fully reversible sensory irritation; i.e. teary eyes), and thus serves as its own warning agent in the event of exposure.