STRIKE™ products are a beneficial pre-plant soil treatment essential in a healthy crop production system. All STRIKE™ products contain either Chloropicrin alone or they are mixed in combination with 1,3-dichloropropene[CMH1]. STRIKE™ products have shown in wide-ranging trials to improve soil health, crop quality and overall marketable yield by controlling soil borne plant pests that can negatively affect growth. Additionally, they work to increase irrigation efficiency by allowing roots to better develop providing the system a healthier environment for more efficient growth. A farmer is also able to reduce the amount of post plant fertilizers and pesticides needed due to a stronger more resilient adult crop. STRIKE™ treated fields have the potential for reducing the need for crop rotation which acts to improve overall field productivity for the grower. All of these factors lead to greater land output and sustainability for today's farmers



STRIKE™ products effectively reduce soil borne pests providing a hearty environment for plants to produce a more resilient, healthy root system in Strike fumigated soil.  A healthier root system improves crop irrigation efficiency and fertilizer use efficiency.  The bottom line for the grower is better use of water and the potential for reduced fertilizer use and cost.

The chloropicrin in STRIKE™ products is rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms into carbon dioxide, nitrogenous compounds, and chloride. These are basic nutrients which not only foster healthy plant growth, but feed beneficial microorganisms found in the soil.

As an added benefit, the crop rotation cycle can also be shortened which allows growers to plant their higher value crops on their best land more frequently.



STRIKE™ effectively controls pathogenic soil fungi, and helps control nematodes, such as lesion, spiral, ring, sting and root knot; as well as other pests in the soil that inhibit root growth.

Efficacy varies by crop, soil conditions and application methods. For more information or specific data on the efficacy of STRIKE™ formulations, please contact one of the Sales Distributers in your area or use the Contact form.